How does ramamo work?

    1. Advertisers create an advertisement campaign based on the profile and location of target users, the allocated budget, and the campaign duration.
    2. Based on the advertiser's campaign criteria ramamo selects the recipients and sends the ramamoAD (in the form of SMS) to their mobile.
    3. The campaign can also be broadcast and further shared by users across their social networks.
    4. The revenue for each ramamoAD sent is then shared as follows:
    • Recipient, gets 40% of ramamoAD revenue
    • Recipient's referrer, gets 5% of ramamoAD revenue
    • Advertiser's referrer, gets 5% of total ramamoAD campaign revenue
    • Social Network Sharer, gets 50% of pay-per-click revenue (Pay-per-click costs 10% of ramamoAD)