How do I advertise with ramamo?

    Click on the "Advertise" icon. This will take you to the RamamoAD page where you can create your ad. Firstly, use the "Text" section to explain the product, service or special offers you are promoting. Secondly, zoom on the map in the "Locations' section. The map indicates the area you wish to send your ramamoAD to. You can either zoom in or zoom out. Please note that you should zoom in repeatedly until the location of your target audience appears highlighted within a blue square. Thirdly, use the "Filter" field to narrow down your audience by age, gender, habits, preferences. To add a new filter select it from the list and click "Add". This will add your selection to the "All selections" box. You can keep adding filters through the same process. Lastly, fill the "Budget" box by entering the amount of the allocated budget for the advertisement in US$ and indicate "Duration" of the campaign. Click on "Checkout" to proceed to payment and send your ramamoAD. The system will calculate the $ amount based on the message cost closest to the allocated budget and charges you accordingly.