Frequently Asked Questions

    ramamo is an innovative web-based advertisement platform offering a meeting point for mobile users, social networkers, and advertisers. Introducing the concept of MPaaS (Marketing Platform as a Service), ramamo provides easy-to-use services to marketers and businesses around the globe to reach different market segments using a sophisticated proximity-based Geo-data. At the same time, it allows the registered users to receive the marketing messages on various media and get compensated for reviewing them.

    ramamoAD is a geo-aware and profile-based advertisement in the form of:

    • SMS (mobile text message) sent to ramamo registered members' mobile phone
    • Intelligent URL shareable across social networks

    As a registered ramamo user, you are rewarded in cash to read the advertisement (ramamoAD) sent to your mobile, no matter where you are in the world or what mobile phone you have. In addition, you get further cash rewards every time you share ramamoAD with your social network. Finally, refer other users and advertisers and you will be paid for every ramamoAD your referrals send or receive.

    The innovative MPaaS broadcast service allows users to provide profile information without releasing any private information such as last name or address. Furthermore, no data will be shared with any marketer or business. The Broadcast Service sends the ramamoAD to recipient without requesting their data or releasing them to any other system.

    1. Advertisers create an advertisement campaign based on the profile and location of target users, the allocated budget, and the campaign duration.
    2. Based on the advertiser's campaign criteria ramamo selects the recipients and sends the ramamoAD (in the form of SMS) to their mobile.
    3. The campaign can also be broadcast and further shared by users across their social networks.
    4. The revenue for each ramamoAD sent is then shared as follows:
    • Recipient, gets 40% of ramamoAD revenue
    • Recipient's referrer, gets 5% of ramamoAD revenue
    • Advertiser's referrer, gets 5% of total ramamoAD campaign revenue
    • Social Network Sharer, gets 50% of pay-per-click revenue (Pay-per-click costs 10% of ramamoAD)

    All you need is a personal mobile (for receiving ramamoAD) and an email account (for receiving administration or other messages) to join. Fill up the "Register" icon, fill up the "Create New Account" page with your personal details and then follow the instructions.

    Please note that signing up on behalf of someone else to receive ramamoAD on their mobile phone without consent is not allowed and constitutes fraud.

    Yes! There is no fee of any kind to pay at anytime.
    In case of you directly receiving the ramamoAD, 40% of the revenue goes to you. The cost of each ramamoAD varies according to the country of destination. You receive 5% of the revenue of each ramamoAD your referrals receive. You receive 5% of the total ramamoAD campaign revenue created by advertisers you have referred. You receive 50% of the pay-per-click revenue every time one of your followers click on a ramamoAD targeting their area.
    In case of you receiving the ramamoAD, 40% of the fee goes to you. The cost of each ramamoAD varies according to the country of destination.
    You receive 5% of each ramamoAD your referrals receive. The cost of each ramamoAD varies according to the country of destination.
    Every time your followers click on a ramamoAD targeting their area, you earn 50% of the pay-per-click revenue.
    Click on the "[l|share|Share]" icon. This will take you to the page listing all ramamoADs available for sharing. From the list choose any ramamoAD you wish to share across your social network. Click then on the icons under the "Share This" column in order to pick the social medium you want to broadcast to. Alternatively, you can copy and paste the provided URL and post it directly on your social media or email it to your network. On the left side of the list you will be able to see the target location for each ramamoAD and on the right side the availble budget is indicated.

    It is easy! Just ask your referrals to register with and enter your email address in "Referrer's E-mail" field.

    To make it even easier we have provided a few social media buttons on the side-bar. However, using email, text messaging, making a quick phone call, or even visiting your future referrals is very much advisable, as you will make even more money.

    You can expand your network by referring both users and advertisers to ramamo.

    Please note that ramamo prohibits the use of spamming, unethical marketing activities or illegal methods to refer friends. Violations of this Spam Policy may result in legal action against you and the termination, without notice, of your ramamo account.

    After logging in, click on the Bank icon at the top of the page. A new page will open showing all your account activities.
    Most mobile operators don't charge users for receiving SMS. However charges might occur depending on your mobile plan.
    Click on the "Advertise" icon. This will take you to the RamamoAD page where you can create your ad. Firstly, use the "Text" section to explain the product, service or special offers you are promoting. Secondly, zoom on the map in the "Locations' section. The map indicates the area you wish to send your ramamoAD to. You can either zoom in or zoom out. Please note that you should zoom in repeatedly until the location of your target audience appears highlighted within a blue square. Thirdly, use the "Filter" field to narrow down your audience by age, gender, habits, preferences. To add a new filter select it from the list and click "Add". This will add your selection to the "All selections" box. You can keep adding filters through the same process. Lastly, fill the "Budget" box by entering the amount of the allocated budget for the advertisement in US$ and indicate "Duration" of the campaign. Click on "Checkout" to proceed to payment and send your ramamoAD. The system will calculate the $ amount based on the message cost closest to the allocated budget and charges you accordingly.
    Yes. After logging in go to "[l|user/me/edit|Settings]" on the Main Menu.
    No problem, it can happen. Go to and enter either your mobile number or email address. The information will be sent to you via email.
    Click on "Bank", then on "ramamo Transfer". Fill in the page that appears by entering the email address or mobile number of the person you wish to send the funds to. This number must be currently registered at Also specify the amount in US dollars, finally a short description detailing the transfer (optional). Click on "Transfer" to finalize the transfer. The amount will be deducted from your ramamo account and deposited to the recipient's ramamo account.
    Click on "Bank", then on "PayPal Transfer". Fill in the box "PayPal Account" by inserting the email address of the PayPal account you wish to send the funds to, then add the amount in US dollars followed by a short description detailing the transfer (optional). Click on "Transfer" to finalize the transaction.

    In this case you just need to update your mobile number on the ramamo website. To do so click on "Settings", then insert your new mobile number on the field "Mobile", and finally click on the "Save' button.



    You will get ramamoAD only when/if you are selected as per the criteria that advertisers have set for their ads such as age group, location, and such.
    In order to temporarily disable the service log into your account, go to "Settings", and then select “Time Off”. Enter the start and end date of the period during which you wish not to receive SMS on your mobile and then click on "Save".

    In order to unsubscribe log into your account, go to "Settings", and then select “Unsubscribe”. By clicking on it we will terminate your services. Please note that account cancellation is final and irreversible. In order to start receiving advertisements again, you will have to re-register with ramamo and create a new account. This new account will have no relation to your old deleted account.

    Funds still in the account at the time of cancellation are forfeited and will not be returned. We recommend that you withdraw any accumulated earning prior to canceling your account.