Mobile poised to become the most important advertising channel: MarketWatch

    Mihael Mikek is chief executive of Celtra.Mihael Mikek chief executive of Celtra on MarketWatch: After several years dubbed “The Year of Mobile,” we are finally seeing the facts to support this brash claim. More advertising budgets are moving to mobile from traditional channels, as the industry grasps the exceptional power and nuances of mobile advertising. Case in point, Procter & Gamble shifted 35% of its marketing budget to online and mobile channels last year and plans a growing emphasis on digital media.

    There’s little doubt that mobile advertising is changing the way brands reach consumers. Companies have been eager to take advantage of this powerful channel but until recently have clung to traditional methods. After several false starts, mobile ads are poised to become the single most important advertising channel, or certainly the only true competitor to $66.4 billion spent annually on TV ads in ths country.