How we got here
    If you are a technology prodigy and a marketing wizard getting together, if you are confused when asked where you lived last month and if your closest family lives in 7 different countries and you set out to start a business, maybe the planet becomes your market. Our co-founders felt this way and with ramamo they decided to create a company that no matter where in the world you are, it can be used and benefited by you.
    We are based in Toronto, Canada, but can often be found around the globe to participate in marketing & technology events and meetups.
    We are looking for good local partners!
    We are currently seeking partners that can grow the ramamo family by helping us in their local market. The partner represents ramamo in-country, promotes the use of the service to local mobile users and advertisers and works with ramamo to accumulate subscribers. Under the program, partners of ramamo will receive its mobile marketing technology at no cost. Enquiries from advertising agencies and brokers regarding partnership opportunities are also welcome.
    To enquire, please send an email to sales@ramamo.com.
    We look forward to hearing from you. And remember, with ramamo it doesn't matter where in the world you are, even as a partner!
    What is ramamo?
    Introducing MPaaS (Marketing-Platform-as-a-Service), ramamo is an innovative web-based advertisement platform offering a revolutionary meeting point for users, social networks, and advertisers.
    By providing  geo-aware and profile-based advertisement (ramamoAD) along with pay-per-audience billing, ramamo help advertisers save the marketing costs related to generic on-the-air or published-based advertising. Mobile users registering with ramamo receive SMS ads on their mobile phone and in return they get significant CASH rewards for reading the advertisement they receive, wherever in the world they are or whatever mobile phone they use. In addition, they can broadcast ramamoADs across their social networks and get paid for sharing with their connections. Finally, ramamo registered users are also cash-rewarded every time one of their referrals send or receive ramamoAD.
    Advertisers leverage the ramamo platform by utilising a new creative online medium that offers a cost-effective, simple and yet powerful tool for targeting large mobile markets  and social networks directly. 
    Need more information? Just email us at press@ramamo.com.
    Although we always try to get back to enquiries as soon as possible, please also keep in mind that we are a small team and we apologise in advance if we are not able to get back to you immediately.
    Need a speaker?
    If you would like to invite someone from ramamo to speak to an event, please email us at press@ramamo.com.
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    Did we miss someone? If you think we did, please  drop us an email at support@ramamo.com